Playhouse Children Centre is an early childhood setting providing quality care from birth to 5 years. It was started 13 years ago with the sole aim of creating an amiable environment for the care, entertainment and education of children, equipping them developmentally for their formative and sensitive years. We take pride in raising imaginative, inquisitive and intelligent young minds.

Our core values of professionalism, love, care, fun, creativity, clean and safe environment; has been our mainstay over the years. We also run an entertainment outfit which caters to children during seminars, weddings etc.


Clients trust to handle their children at events because we don’t go hiring ushers for a day, we have our trained professionals who handle children on a regular basis at the centre and care for their needs.

The spaces we create are colourful, safe and creative.

Our prices are affordable.

Please call us today on +234 (0) 14540804 ; +234 (0) 9022248971 & +234 (0) 8070905440

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